Group conditions

As from 3 or more accommodations or in case of exceptions for young people, the following rules apply:


Article 1: Admission
As stated in our general terms and conditions, group reservations are not normally accepted at Holiday Village Knokke. If an agreement is nevertheless given for the reservation, the following conditions apply. Without prior agreement, the group may be refused.

Article 2: Guarantee
On arrival, a guarantee must be paid in cash or by credit card. This is not possible with an regular bank card. Unless otherwise stated, the following guarantee amounts apply:

Bungalow or Nomad Family: 250 euros per accommodation
Nomad: 100 euros per tent
Camping pitches: 50 euros per pitch

Article 3: House rules
When booking, the persons staying declare that they agree to comply with the following house rules for the entire duration of their stay. If it is established that one of these rules is not observed, the rental will stop immediately and no money can be recovered (both your stay and the guarantee).

1. Noise pollution
To ensure a carefree holiday for all our guests, we ask you to be considerate of others and to limit noise. All noise should be below the level that could be considered disturbing by neighbours. From 10pm to 8am, the park should be quiet and peaceful. Please do not sit outside on the terrace as a group.

2. Cleanliness
Every evening, the terrace should be cleared. Crockery and glassware cannot be left on the table. Indoor furniture should remain inside and not be put outside. Please sort your waste and put it in the containers provided when you check out. 

3. Damage
The bungalows are to be left in the given condition. Do you notice any defects on arrival? Please report them to reception so that we can make a note of them. Any damage caused by the tenant must be reported immediately to the reception desk. The damage must be paid for by the tenant (invoice) with an additional administration cost of 25 euros. If the bungalow is unrentable for some time due to the damage, an additional nightly fee will be charged. If the damage was not reported, a 100 euro damage flat fee will be charged (in addition to the stated costs).

4. Check-out
Bungalows can be checked out until 11 a.m., please respect this time. Late check-outs will be charged 50 euros per hour. Dishes should be washed and put back in the cupboards and rubbish should be thrown in the appropriate containers. The bungalow will be checked out by one of our staff members. If everything is in order and our house rules have been respected, the deposit will be returned to you. 

5. Other
Shopping trolleys are not allowed on the premises. 
The maximum occupancy of the bungalow must be respected. If an extra person does stay in the bungalow, there will be additional charges. Visitors must always report to reception. 
Parties or bachelorettes are not allowed under any circumstances. 

These arrangements are an addition to the general conditions that can be found on our website 

Article 6: Cancellation
The following cancellation conditions apply to group bookings:

Up to 7 days* before arrival: full refund
Up to 3 days* before arrival: 50% refund
After 3 days* prior to arrival: No refund possible

The general cancellation conditions therefore do not apply here. 
*Bungalows until 3 p.m., camper vans until 1 p.m.

Article 7: Early departure of the contracting party
The contracting party shall pay the full price for the agreed period.








Youth Groups

If your group consists exclusively of young people under the age of 23, we reserve the right to refuse your reservation.

If we do allow this, it is subject to a deposit. If the rules are not respected (nuisance), the stay may be terminated earlier without refund. The deposit will also not be refunded in this case.